cropped-resized-logo-photo-2.jpgNCIM’s founders and research people have been involved in stem cell work for over 15 years.

NCIM is the creator and only source in the world of the stem cell homing and circulation & intracellular autophagy enhancing Beacon Factor.

NCIM uses a proprietary high-tech lab method to literally program stem cells to become desired cell types.

NCIM uses only umbilical cord stem cells, Wharton’s Jelly derived stem cells, and in some instances a patient’s own bone marrow stem cells. It does not use embryonic or fetal stem cells (Never has, never will). 

NCIM created a way to get mesenchymal stem cells to bind to cartilage and fill in tears & rips.

NCIM uses a unique immunologic way to fight & defeat solid tumors using donor immune cells (called granulocytes).

Each patient receives a customized diet, lifestyle and supplement/nutraceutical regimen designed to promote and support healing & restoration.

NCIM contracts top rated (licensed and accredited) hospitals and MDs to provide services and administer stem cells and the Beacon Factor. Most of these facilities are a 10 minute or so drive south of the US-Mexico border.

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