NCIM: Its founding & distinctives

Resized logo photo 2Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (NCIM) was founded in 2009 by researchers and administrators fed up with the chicanery and unbridled greed rampant among many private clinical stem cell programs abroad. This is one reason you will read this mantra throughout NCIM’s literature and postings: “Patients & their caregivers deal directly with the scientists, technicians, doctors & other professionals who are part of the NCIM program. There are no brokers, marketers or other middlemen involved in NCIM’s program.

Not surprisingly, NCIM is a small organization run by those who do the day-to-day “grunt work.” It is in-a-sense both a collective and a family. Patients and others who have been through the program quickly pick up on and love the fact they do not have to wade through marketing pitches from professional salespeople, slick brokers or three-piece suits (executives.) In addition, they do not have to deal with people whose desire to help others is largely predicated on making money. Those who handle and care for them at NCIM are without exception people who have a passion for going the extra mile and a long history of doing this, often for little or no pay or other tangible rewards.

And most importantly, NCIM is results-committed and driven. Its doctors and researchers are tireless in their quest of things that reliably turn-the-tables on human suffering. In addition, the body of science that informs NCIM’s work and offerings is very leading edge. Biochemist Dr. Abel Pena, who runs the NCIM laboratory, was trained by a leading US stem cell biologist and maintains the highest levels of safety and hygiene in his lab in Mexico. In addition, he has pioneered numerous methods for priming stem cells, i.e., getting them to respond to chemical signals in target tissues by becoming cells that tend to effect or support healing or relief. Stem cells primed using Dr. Abel’s methods have produced salutary, sometimes remarkable clinical responses in people with a wide variety of neurologic & other diseases and conditions.

Other NCIM positives:

Nova Cells Institute has never worked with embryonic or fetal stem cells, and never will. Embryonic and fetal stem cells can produce tumors (These are classified as pluripotent” which means they can form teratomas and other tumors in certain instances such as being injected into the central nervous system). The adult stem cells Nova Cells uses (umbilical cord, Wharton’s Jelly, placenta-derived, and a patient’s own bone marrow) are “multipotent” which limits the body cell types they can become (These stem cells do not form teratomas or such. Some private stem cell clinics in Europe and the US have injected adult stem cells into organs such as kidneys and eyes which caused problems and complications. Nova Cells Institute has never injected stem cells into an organ).

Let’s be very clear about these points and a few others:

(1) Nova Cells was established in 2009. There are other companies that came along later on which use “Nova” in their company title, but these are NOT affiliated in any way with Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (NCIM).

(2) Nova Cells Institute has never used embryonic or fetal stem cells and never will (They can form tumors under certain circumstances).

(3) Nova Cells Institute only uses multipotent adult stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s Jelly, placental tissue, and a patient’s own bone marrow.

(4) Nova Cells Institute administers stem cells by intravenous drip (On rare occasions Nova Cells affiliated doctors recommend an intrathecal or spinal tap infusion of cells. Everything related to this is spelled out, a process called “informed consent”. Patients who prefer not to do this are given cells by intravenous or IV drip).


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