About NCIM

Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (NCIM) officially opened its doors in 2009 though many of its founding doctors and researchers have been involved in stem cell work since 2003.

Naturally, all procedures including the laboratory processing & priming of stem cells is done in Mexico.

Most importantly, NCIM is results-committed and driven. Its participating doctors, researchers and others are tireless in their quest of things that reliably turn-the-tables on human suffering. In addition, the science underlying NCIM’s work and offerings is very leading edge. Biochemist Dr. Abel Pena, who runs the NCIM laboratory in Mexico, was trained by a leading US stem cell biologist and maintains the highest levels of safety and hygiene in his lab. In addition, he has pioneered numerous methods for priming stem cells, i.e., getting them to respond to chemical signals in target tissues by becoming cells that tend to effect or support healing or relief. Stem cells primed using Dr. Pena’s methods have produced consistently impressive, sometimes remarkable clinical responses in people with a wide variety of neurologic & other diseases and conditions. He also invented NCIM’s proprietary Beacon Factor for which he was awarded a Ph.D. degree honoris causa

If you’d like to learn more you can reach NCIM’s US based office by phone or email:

Phone: 1-562-916-3410
Email: NCInfodesk@gmail.com


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