John P. Roberts: Another spinal cord injury turnaround

John P. Roberts, a 54-year-old male from the USA with spinal cord injury (Quadriplegic)

John’s medical troubles began in 2010 with “feeling downright lousy”, the cause of which proved mystifying and hard-to-pinpoint for his regular doctors. After two months of feeling crappy, he became so ill that his wife insisted on taking him to a local hospital. After various tests the hospital doctors came up with a diagnosis: John had an infection in various parts of his body including his neck bones. They proceeded to treat him with powerful antibiotics and also scraped the infected material from the vertebrae in his neck and various other places. This process helped eliminate John’s infection but, unfortunately, during one of the procedures doctors damaged or cut a nerve in his neck. This left him a quadriplegic who could not move his legs or arms or fingers. In addition, his left leg was permanently bent at the knee which meant he could only sleep comfortably on his side.

In late July 2012, John went to Mexico where he was treated with Nova Cell Institute of Mexico’s (NCIM) proprietary Beacon Factor and then primed adult (nonembryonic) stem cells.      

Within 13 days following his treatment, John was able to straighten out his perpetually bent left leg. He also began feeling tingling in his fingers.

By day 20 post-treatment John could flex his left leg and a few weeks later found he could lift one of his arms and touch his nose.

On October 7 (2012) while sitting in the passenger seat of his car he grabbed a tissue and wiped something from the top of his right arm with his left hand!

His wife reports that “His gains are holding up” and they are seeing more of them. Physical therapy sessions are reinforcing John’s restored bodily functioning and helping to build up his strength.

Lately, John has found that he can stand up more and more by himself while holding on to something and is even taking what his wife calls “baby steps”.

Naturally, NCIM doctors and staff join with John and his wife in celebrating his regained functioning and anticipates that he will make additional gains in the months to come.

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