Multiple Sclerosis: Successes using primed autologous bone marrow stem cells

NCIM began priming stem cells isolated from MS patient’s own bone marrow and treating them during 2011. The first two patients were Mexican nationals who were struggling with advanced primary progressive MS. Both had a pronounced slurring of speech and near immobility. Within two months of being treated both patients were speaking very clearly and were able to stand and walk with assistance.

In November 2011 a 35-year-old female with MS and neuroborreliosis from the northern US was treated (She had been treated twice before by a well-known stem cell clinic in Mexico without any tangible results worth mentioning). This lady was very weak, unable to walk, and had almost uncontrollable spasms and bodily jerking.  In addition, she was unable to mentally focus or engage her mother-caregiver in conversations.

By March 2012 her mother shared the fact her daughter was “definitely better and somewhat stronger”. She added that he is “more focused and alert and is able to take part in conversations”. In addition, her mother shared the fact her daughter is now able to walk 4 or so steps while holding on to her (Something impossible previously).

On April 20, 2012 the mother shared this with NCIM’s Abel & Grace Pena:

My daughter is going ‘up the hill’;  very slowly she is moving better.  During our daily exercises in the morning, she is lifting her legs, kicks them out and lays them back on the bed.   Her shaking is a little less. We are up to 5-6 minutes when she stands. I still have my arm around her but she is not leaning against me, she is standing on her own legs.  Her ‘head’ is working better, i.e.,  she never showed any long term memory loss, but definitely short term and that is better, she will ask questions and participates in conversations.  She gets frustrated that she is not improving quicker, but I keep on reminding her it took her 7 years to get where she is now, so recovery will be very slow.

On Tuesday night when she went to bed, she actually lifted her right leg completely off the floor to take a step, which to me was the best improvement of all.  We always try 4 or 6 steps from the wheelchair to the bed. 

 Even her swimming is better. 

 Abel, thank you so much for all your help.

Best regards.